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Reanimations is a non-profit health provider that provides Mental Health and Home Health services with professionals who speak English and Spanish, aimed at achieving Recovery in all its treatments. Unlike other agencies, we use collateral support services, including therapeutic sports, along with counseling and medica

Reanimations Founder Inspiration

Mr. Joel Benítez is originally from Cuba, he is a man of dreams who loves to serve. For more than 35 years he has invested in improving the lives of many people. Its comprehensive Mental Health methodology not only includes medication and counseling, but also family, society, and therapeutic sports; by empowering the consumer to fully develop their physical capacity for work to achieve recovery, this has been tested in Cuba, Costa Rica, and Charlotte, NC. The Reanimations project was born from the example of his mother. She was a professional in plastic arts and a sign of tenacity and family love. Mr. Benítez hopes that Reanimations will become a movement where professionals, consumers, families, and stakeholders produce hope.

Reanimations A social movement toward improving mental health

Reanimations’ vision is related to the concept of social movement toward improving Mental Health. According to the United Nations, suicide is one of the consequences of poor mental health, which is causing the death of a person every 40 minutes. It is very important to be aware of the importance of mental health. (UN.2019https: //unric.org/en/the-importance-of-mental-health/) Reanimations’ vision of the movement, invites professionals and non-professionals to be part of a growing need in today’s world; Reanimations shares its vision through its services. How can you have a positive impact on another person’s mental health, even if you are not a professional? It is the result of the social condition, our environment, other people, and the circumstances that necessarily affect us.


Reanimations provides services for everyone, including but not limited to people without health insurance. The agency provides mental health and substance abuse services, as well provides adult and pediatric home health services because we love to improve the emotional, psychological, and social well-being of these patients and their families.

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